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Lotus Arts programs are all about fostering creativity and providing avenues for individuals to explore their artistic side.  I'm dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to unleash their creativity. With a passion for igniting the artistic spark in both young minds and adults, I've crafted three distinct programs.


Lotus Arts Programs

School Art Programs

School Art Programs:

Engaging sessions tailored for students during and after school hours, fostering creativity and artistic exploration in a supportive environment.

Unique Art Work shops

Art  & Groove 

Art & Groove Private Group Events for Adults: A unique artistic experience for adults, combining journaling and painting in a dynamic setting, akin to an art & sip event, designed to unleash creativity and self-expression.

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Private Instruction

Private One-on-One Art Lessons: Personalized and tailored private art sessions aimed at nurturing individual creativity and skill development for enthusiasts of all ages.

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